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My Orders. Track Orders. Change Language. English Arabic. Important Links. Follow Us. This is a great spot to get close, but not so great if you are hoping to get a photo of the full scene. Be careful where you step! Old Faithful was the first geyser in Yellowstone to receive a name! It is often said that it erupts every hour but it technically erupts every 1 hour and twenty minutes — give or take 10 minutes!

This is the most popular spot to visit in Yellowstone, so this is why we suggest arriving here in the early morning of your Yellowstone itinerary. The Old Faithful Parking lot is very large and holds hundreds of cars. Save this Old Faithful eruption time website for the most current updates! If you are staying in a Yellowstone Lodge, you also can call the front desk and ask for this info — they always have it ready to share!

5 Fantastic Road Trips: Our Favorite Routes

While Old Faithful is the most famous geyser in the Upper Geyser Basin, there is a plethora of amazing geysers to explore in the same area. This amazing stop on your Yellowstone itinerary is actually the largest concentration of geysers in the entire world! Here are some of the highlights:.

We walked the boardwalk loop just north of Old Faithful, and we were glad we visited! Visitor Tips: Come visit this area very early or very late in the day. The Midway Geyser Area is a regular stop for large tour buses that bring large crowds.

A Brief History of Yellowstone National Park - National Geographic

This area also has practically no shade, so come equipped with sunscreen, proper sun protection like a hat, and a water bottle to keep yourself cool and hydrated! Art By Gloria Wadzinski. From the parking lot, follow signs for the Grand Prismatic Overlook. The trail is 0. There is a slight elevation gain at the end of the trail, but you quickly reach the viewing platform after it starts to incline.

Roadside History of Yellowstone Park

From the top, you get a higher view of the Grand Prismatic, and unobstructed views of the colors, steam, and even the people on the boardwalks below! Really wanting those photos you see all over the internet — the ones that show Grand Prismatic Spring from the sky? If you are a serious photographer wanting to capture the Grand Prismatic Spring from the sky, contact them to arrange a flight from above. Click here to see more examples of a scenic flight with Fly Jackson Hole! The Yellowstone Canyon is approximately 40 miles long, between a quarter and three-quarter miles wide, and between feet and 1, feet deep.

There are several incredible vantage points to explore along both the North and South rim of the canyon. A few viewpoints are for seeing the Upper Falls falling feet and the rest are for the spectacular Lower Falls, plunging down feet to the canyon floor. Spend some time on both the North and South rim because each side has its own amazing views of the falls and canyon below.

Discover all the amazing places to view the falls from the Grand Canyon of The Yellowstone below:.

The depression later filled with water and is now a large bay of the greater Yellowstone Lake in the southern area of the park. Within this are a cluster of gorgeous pools and geysers to explore via a short half-mile boardwalk loop. Visitor Pro Tip: Love Geography?

Stop by the West Thumb Ranger Station and ask about daily walking tours — they know a ton of cool facts about each feature! Its purpose is to take you alongside more geysers and hot springs, which are in abundance in this area. Berty and I were lucky to watch these marmots wrestle around for about an hour.

Plan Your Route: Where to Travel on Your Epic American Road Trip

They were so cute and so expressive! We pulled out our long mm Canon zoom lens and followed them as they chased each other around the hot springs. Note: This photo may look like we were close but we were actually pretty far away on the boardwalk! Always remember to use common sense and keep a safe distance from wildlife in the park.

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Gibbon Falls is a waterfall that is feet high and easily accessible roadside. Yellowstone Travel Tip: This is where your patience will be tested — this is a smaller parking lot with a lot of heavy traffic. Be prepared to wait your turn for a spot to park. Norris Geyser Basin is famous for having the oldest and hottest springs in Yellowstone National Park.

We first visited Mammoth Hot Springs in the very early spring season — oh how different it looks in the summertime! Mammoth Hot Springs, located in the northwest area of Yellowstone National Park, is a large complex of hot springs on a hill made of travertine. Town aside, the geological features here are stunning.

The Terrace is the most popular Yellowstone attraction in this area, with a series of connecting boardwalks that take you to tons of geysers and hot springs. Mammoth Hot Springs is alive as in the colorful bacteria and microbes! Some areas of the park are dried up but were thriving in the s. Spring sees many baby animals making their first appearance, while the meadows are ablaze with wild flowers.

Call us for the best time to go to Yellowstone. Our Yellowstone Holidays. Read 1 review. See all our Yellowstone Holidays Give us a call.

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Yellowstone Weather Chart. Yellowstone National Park, month by month. Spring sees hungry bears emerging from their dens, wolf packs roaming the Lamar Valley and the arrival of many species of migratory birds, rich pickings for wildlife watchers. Through March and April access is still restricted or limited in many areas due to snow, but by late May most roads and campgrounds are open.

This of course is also a great season to see baby animals, and therefore even more reason to keep a respectful distance from wildlife. Yellowstone gets very busy in summer. Accommodation needs to be booked well in advance, and big crowds can be expected at popular attractions. Weather-wise, it pays to be prepared in summer. Afternoon thunderstorms are common too.

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Moving into autumn , the crowds taper off, as the park and its wildlife prepare for the onset of winter. The foliage is at its most beautiful, a wonderful time for photographers. From late September onwards sporadic snowfall can be expected, and continuing into October and November some roads are closed, and services limited. Bears can frequently be seen in roadside meadows as they come down from the mountains, foraging as much as possible before they head to their dens for winter , so this is a particularly important time to be careful with storing food.

You may also see large herds of bison and elk making their way to the sheltered valleys where they will spend winter. Heavy snowfall is likely, making most of the interior inaccessible except by skis, snow shoes or snowmobiles. If you can cope with the cold however, January and February are excellent months to visit Yellowstone.

Visitor numbers drop off so steeply that it can feel like you have the whole park to yourself. Guided wolf tracking trips at this time are immensely exciting.