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Suits 6V or 12V. Excellent for electric cars Golf carts, motor bikes, etc. Pro grade. Micro-processor controlled. With LED Status indicators.

Water proof power pack IP Wall mount bracket solution. Spark proof. Fully protected. Alligator or ring contacts. Water proof IP Ideal wheelchair, golf buggy, heavy-duty 24V charger. Input VAC. Output Charges up to Ah batteries.

Fix Nicd Dewalt Battery Easily Dc988 Dw057n Dw006k 18v 12v 24v English Edition

Switch mode. Monitored and charged. Thus if load exceeds 10A or if mains disconnected then additional power comes from the battery. Made in Australia GSL. With indicators. Intelligent solution help prolong life. Thus the system is now dedicated to that specific camera charging. See the cross-reference on or look up your replacement battery on these pages and it will list the corresponding charger or adaptor. This Alpha code indicates which charger is suitable for that particular battery size and shape. If your purchasing our battery then this charger is compatible with the battery chemistry type as well.

Very important as the charger must be compatible with your battery for maximum service life and usage. Discharging is used for reducing memory effect. This can be bypassed for quick top-up charging. Updated version of our MP unit. Compatible with a majority of the early and some late model camcorders with 4. Includes extra contacts for sensor terminals. Update to Ni-MH battery technology.

We have Ni-MH batteries to suit your camcorder. Ni-MH batteries offer higher charge capacity and give a longer service life, and with this charger you can still charge your older Ni-Cd batteries. Includes V power pack and a car cigarette lighter lead. Displays Charge state and capacity. Simple push button control with automatic circuitry.

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Powered with either the supplied Vac power pack or 12Vdc car adaptor for a versatile takeanywhere solution. Fully automatic, Plug and charge. Intelligent Microprocessor controlled with LCD function and status display.

Includes adaptors so as to suit a majority of camera batteries. Charge time is dependant on the capacity of the battery. A discharge circuit is built inside the battery for maintenance. Before you want to charge the battery, simply press the button and the battery will fully self discharge. This will extend battery life and reduce memory effect, giving you maximum power every time. High quality construction with the cells made in Japan. The mAh range is very light. Includes adaptor for Hitachi. As came with camera. Excellent for people with more than one video camcorder.

Short 1Ft lead to bare wires. LiIon Type 38x21x70mm Size 7. LiIon Type 38x40x70mm Size 7. DVF11, 21, BN-V, 40x21x75mm Li-Ion 7. Original BN-V, CX 52x31x71mm Li-Ion 7. Suit GRD20, 30, 60, 70, etc. LiIon 36x65x60mm 7. VDR-M50, CX LiIon 40x43x53mm 7. Original BTL41, , LiIon Type 38x20x56mm Size 7. LiIon Type 30x43x52mm Size 3.

LiIon Type 38x60x56mm Size 7. LiIon Type 38x40x56mm Size 7. And others, including AA! LiIon 47x10x76mm 7. LiIon Type 41x13x49mm Size 7. LiIon Type 38x21x71mm Size 7.

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LiIon Type 38x60x71mm Size 7. Original NP-F, F, etc. NP 3. Original EN-EL5 3. EN-EL7 7. Includes a lead that with both charge and also allow use of the controller while powering. Please enquire. Type LiIon 34x6x55mm Size Volts 3. Type LiIon Polymer Volts 3. Type LiIon Volts 3. Type Lilon Volts 3. Premium grade cells offering equivalent to better performance. Extensa , Series, etc. Travelmate , , , etc. If you can not locate your battery Please contact us and we may find it. Extensa , , TravelMate , Type LiIon Volts LiIon Type TravelMate , , Series, etc.

TravelMate , , , Series, etc. F5 Series, X50 Series. X, NX, etc. NX, etc. LiIon See Compaq] LiIon Inspiron , , Type LiIon Size x18x70mm Volts A15, J50, L All batteries are equivalent or better than original specifications. All use premium grade cells manufactured in Japan. Errors and Omissions Excepted. So double check! Thank you! Most PG batteries are equivalent or better specifications to original. NiCd 7. DW etc. NiCd 9. TD UMD etc. Remember to look for high capacity and long range versions. All are replacement type using premium quality Japanese cells. Suitable for the majority of Hitachi battery packs.

Fully tomatic 3 stage pre-charge, constant and trickle charge.

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LED indicator display with faulty battery indication. Base unit is for slide-fit type power tool batteries. Comes with adaptor for charging neck type batteries. Output mA. Suitable for the majority of Bosch power tools. Not suitable for any type of lithium ion battery packs. AAA mm wires. Read more. Your name. Close Save changes.

Lithium Ion and Lithium polymer cells usually last for between and cycles, Nimh cells have the ability to be charged for around cycles, cycle life will vary according to a number of different factors. There is no set life cycle of any of these cells. Factors that influence their life include temperature, humidity and amount of charges. Being an ISO certified factory means that the Cameron Sino range of batteries have to be manufactured with only the highest quality components. You can rest assured that the batteries we supply are fully tested in the devices they are designed for and are built with all the same safety protocols as the original OEM battery.

Batteries come in all shapes and sizes, quite often a single model of battery will actually replace hundreds of other models. The manufacturers in their wisdom have assigned different part numbers to like batteries. We can usually cross reference this type of product to the correct replacement for you. If you are unable to confirm the battery number before ordering you may be best to contact us before placing your order. If there is any difference in this policy it will be stated on this page. Any misuse of the battery or modifications will invalidate the warranty.

We use top quality cells in all of our products but all cells have a cycle life. You can expect that a Lithium Ion or a lithium Polymer cell will last for around four hundred cycles, Nimh can be cycled for a around cycles. Its always best to charge your battery only when it gets low. Continual charging will reduce the overall life expectancy of your battery. This product is designed to replace batteries as shown in the specifications table below.

We do offer higher capacity batteries than your original. Certain extended capacity batteries may be larger and therefore may require that the device will accommodate the extra capacity battery. If your battery is externally mounted on your device this is usually not a problem. Other devices may require an extended cover be used with it.

Our batteries will work for the device that it is supplied for and is built to last as long as the original OEM battery. If in doubt - check us out! We will select the appropriate battery for you and guarantee that fitment. A simple phone call or email or live chat and you can save yourself time and money on your selection. This battery is designed to replace the battery in models as described below Chemistry Ni-MH Voltage 3. If both your battery and model number of your device is shown in the table below you should be good to order.

Look no further than Canadian Batteries your faithful, reliable and true canadian supplier, Our batteries are fresh from the factory and usually no more than 90 days old. Quite often due to the data not being available this battery will fit unlisted models. As this information comes available we do update these fitments on a regular basis. If you are not sure as to which battery you need to order please contact us and we can guide your selection. All of our replacement batteries are designed to replace the models that we list in our tables below.

The average life of a Li-ion battery is around cycles, This is the same for Lithium Polymer. Nimh should last for around cycles. A cycle is a discharge and recharge. Please remember that a cycle will still be used, even if only partially discharged then recharged. This will extend the life of the battery.

The products that this replacement battery is designed to replace are shown in the table below. We keep our records as up to date as possible but new fitments come on stream every week due to the launch of new products. To be certain of fitment make sure that the battery number, device model and manufacturer are listed in the description.

This is the only gaurantee that this is definitely the correct battery. Contact us if you would like us to confirm for you.

Revive Your Old NiCd Batteries...!

Please be advised that some higher capacity batteries are larger than the standard battery from the manufacturers. Please make sure that your model number is shown in the information above before ordering. If there is any doubt contact us first and we can advise if this is a suitable replacement for your device. The battery that is shown on this page is manufactured using the highest quality parts. We endeavor to keep our data as current as possible, but there will be occasions when new models have not been updated to the website yet.

Contact us and we will confirm fitment. All of our products are designed to use only the highest quality parts and components to provide a long and useful life. The warranty we offer on all of our products is one of the best in the business, we make returns easy and will quickly test and replace any product found to have an issue within the 12 or 6 months warranty period. Our ISO certified factory uses the best quality components and manufacture their products to the same high specifications as the OEM factory battery.

We endevour to make our batteries to meet or exceed the original batteries specifications. Make sure you check that both your battery model and device are shown the information tables below. Our batteries from Cameron Sino are built using high quality parts and cells from leading manufacturers, be assured this battery will function the same as the OEM battery.

If you have the battery model number this is usually the best way to identify the correct replacement battery for your device. Some batteries can easily be identified from just the model of the device some are much harder to pin down. If you want to make Percent sure of fitment we so offer a guaranteed fitment service. Just contact us and will decide for you. Confirm the fitment of this battery by checking that your model and your battery number are shown in the details below. You should expect for your new battery to last for between and cycles. A cycle can be described as a full charge and discharge.

Different chemistries can be charged and discharged a different amount of times. Devices that this battery are known to fit can be seen in our listing below.

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Battery life is dictated by a number of different factors, including temperature, charging frequency and type of charger. As a rule of thumb Nimh cells can be charged around times, Lithium Ion around times and Lithium polymer Around times. This can increase or decrease depending on the use of the battery. Some manufacturers have more than one battery type fitted in like models.

We recommend that you remove the original battery before ordering to confirm this. If you are not sure we may be able to confirm for you. Choosing the right battery can be an absolute nightmare and for those of you less technically inclined very difficult. We do recommend that you remove the old battery before ordering if at all possible. This really is the best thing to do. Quite a few manufacturers have 2 or 3 different types of battery fitted in one model.

We can usually confirm fitment from the battery model number for you. Please compare the data below with the models that you see in the tables. If you cannot match both the model and battery number contact us and we can confirm fitment for you. This battery should be the same or greater capacity than the original battery Finding the right battery for your product can be difficult. How long will my new battery last? This is a tough one, there are many factors that will determine your new batteries longevity.

As a rough guide you should get around four to five hundred charges out of your new battery. The CameronSino range of batteries will provide you with a reliable long service product. The batteries are built to last yet amazingly affordable. This battery is designed to replace the battery in models as described below Chemistry Ni-MH Voltage You can confirm that this particular battery will fit your device by checking the tables below.

Most of our products come with a one year warranty unless otherwise stated. The one year warranty that we offer covers any manufacturing defect. Please note that the warranty does not cover damages due to misuse of the battery nor diminishing run time due to normal wear and tear. The battery we supply although a generic version of the battery is designed and built to be as robust and as good quality as the original OEM battery.

This battery is designed to replace the battery in models as described belowChemistryLi-ionVoltage7. If you are looking for a High quality replacement battery with ISO certifications in place then look no further. This battery is designed to be as robust and as safe as the original OEM battery. Cameron Sino actually manufacture batteries for many OEM companies. The only difference that you will find is the label that is installed. The products that we supply are generic replacements for the OEM batteries, we have had thousands of satisfied customers usuing these batteries as an economical alternative to the original manufacturers battery.

You will need the model of your device, The battery number - found on the original battery and the manufacturer. Battery selection can be a complicated process. Leave the selection to the experts if you are really not sure. We can be contacted easily by live chat or by email. We will respond to your query with 8 business hours. The replacement battery which is listed here is developed using the highest quality components.

Our battery should have the same exact dimensions and fitment as the original battery, the fit and finish is checked before dispatch. This battery should be the same or greater capacity than the original battery Batteries come in all shapes and sizes, quite often a single model of battery will actually replace hundreds of other models. Great job, Guys thanks I recently ordered a replacement battery for my Dyson DC30 h Purchased replacement battery for older model cordless phone My order was received promptly and in good condition.

Very happy with this battery so far, it is actualy better th Toggle Navigation. Battery works well, service was goo This literally saved my dyson and s Working out great. Also thumbs up t Battery works great, thank you Customer Service was helpful and pr Great support from service dept to So far so good. Battery was shipped Every thing seems to be fine.

At le Cart Contents Checkout My Account. Displaying to of products. List Grid. Battery for Dewalt Xr Li-ion Buy Now. Battery for Dewalt Cl3. Battery for Dewalt Dcka, Dc, Dcka Battery for Dewalt k, b, k 12V, mAh - Dewalt DC Dewalt DC,